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Majestic Islands of Mati Davao Oriental

Image and video hosting by TinyPicLast friday, me and the entire management team of WIHD had a chance to explore a few (of the several) magical islands of Mati (Davao Oriental).
There is not much i can say about the whole trip...about Mati's majestic islands and beaches...
it's just but PERFECT. I love the place sOoo much!

Mati City is located on the eastern part of the island of Mindanao. It is one hundred sixty-five(165) kilometers away from Davao City,a one and a half hours drive from Tagum City. Mati boasts of being the coconut capital of Mindanao if not the whole country. Mati has a long stretch of shoreline and one can find beaches of pure,powder-like white sand. It is now considered as one of the hottest tourist spots in the Philippines. Dahican is one of the most popular destinations in Mati bragging with its clear waters and 17-km pure and fine white sand shore: There is also : Camp Jericho; Tourism Complex; Waniban Island; the Sleeping Dinosaur; Vanishing Oak Island; and the ever popular Pujada Bay (in Pujada Island) which is considered as among the richest bays in the South East Asia. There are 15,700 species of sea creatures that can be found in the Pujada Bay. Indeed, Mati is the best-kept secret of Davao Region.

The Sleeping Dinosaur welcomes guests going to Mati. Promising you of great adventures ahead!

Cinco Masau Beach Resort is one of the premier destinations in Mati and Davao Oriental. Its location affords a breathtaking view of neighboring islands like Waniban Island, Pujada Island and the vanishing Oak Island. Motor bancas are stationed all day ready to take you island hopping to get a more close encounter with the majestic wanders of the islands.
Travel Time: 20-30 minutes from Mati Poblacion
Accommodation: 20 cottages, 4 airconditioned rooms, 10 lodging rooms, a function hall with 8
rooms in the attic.

Rates: P350 - P500 for non-aircon cottages
P2000 for the airconditioned rooms.

Waniban Island covers an area of 4 hectares in Barangay Tamisan, approximately 20 kms from Mati Poblacion.
Travel Time: 30-minute boat ride from Mati Wharf
15 to 20 minutes banca ride from Cinco Masao Beach Resort
Accommodation: Open cottages (nipa hut)
Fees: P20 entrance fee

P50 overnight (you can bring tents, no charge)
Transportation: Motor Banca ( P1000 back & forth; with maximum of 15 passengers)

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Pujada Island is located in Pujada Bay in the Eastern part of Mindanao facing the PACIFIC RIM where the inhabitants are prevalently Peaceful Christians. The island is 156 hectares in area and rises to height of 558 feet, dividing the entrance to Pujada Bay into two channels.
Travel Time: 1-hour boat ride from Cinco Masao Beach Resort
Accommodation: none
Fees: none
Transportation: Motor Banca ( P2000 back & forth; with maximum of 15 passengers)

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Vanishing Oak Island is very similar to Camiguin's White Island. It is actually a white sandbar which disappears during high tides. It boast of its pure white sand and a single oak (talisay) tree from which it got its name.




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i have been recently in this places too... and its so great...

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thanks for dropping by :)

seen your blog, it seems u've just started? well, keep it coming & i hope u will enjoy blogging.. and showcasing Davao province's BESTS...

Do good!

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