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Budget Travel With a Family - Part 2

1. Keeping a Lid on Spending Money

Traveling with children can be expensive when you add up the costs of activities, food and children’s clubs if they are available. If you are working to a budget then it may well be worth considering an all-inclusive holiday resort. Although these are normally more expensive to book initially, it is easier to anticipate your spending in advance. As meals and drinks are included you will not have to worry about the constant demands from the children for soda!

Find out how much children’s clubs will cost and when they are available, prices can vary substantially, so do your homework if you are not to get stung with a large bill at the end of the holiday.

It may even be worth traveling with another family with children of a similar age, as the adults can then take it in turns to child mind, meaning that everyone gets a break and the children have friends to play with! Also the bigger the group the bigger the discounts, normally, so even if you do not want to spend the whole time with another family, you can still benefit from booking together.


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