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3 Reasons Why Davao City Is Better Than Anywhere Else

People choose places to visit for a plethora of reasons, and seldom will one find a place that has most of what he looks for. One of these places is a city in the heart of Mindanao Island in the Philippines - Davao.

First is safety and reliability of services. When one hears the word Mindanao, he almost automatically associates it with civil unrest. However, Davao City is a glaring exception. This city boasts of a peace and order situation that is rivalled by very few places in the world. One can walk in the streets in the wee hours of the morning without worrying, something that is very hard to do in the streets of Brooklyn or Rome.

Furthermore, Davao is only place outside the United States and Canada that has a fully-functional 911 system. Emergencies are handled by medical or law-enforcement units with state-of-the-art equipment. Sometimes, the paramedic or the policeman is already at your doorstep even before you end your call. Also, the local government is very strict in implementing city ordinances aimed at curbing abuses and petty crimes.
Second is the cost. Davao City has a very low cost-of-living index. This translates that one can get more value for his dollar or euro than anywhere else. If haven't tried staying at a first-class hotel at less than ninety dollars a night, Davao has the Marco Polo Hotel.

Moreover, people in Davao have an amazing culture of honesty. Very few places in the world have cab drivers who give you change up to the last cent because tipping is not part of the local culture, and a centuries-old belief among them that what one sows is what one reaps.

Lastly, and most importantly, is the natural scenery. Aside from beautiful people (I cannot stress this enough), Davao has rich cultural heritage, white sand beaches, scenic mountains and extensive natural reserves. All of these are more than enough to keep one busy for weeks on end.

If one wants to appreciate beauty in safety and at an insanely cheap price, there is no better place to go than Davao, the heart of Mindanao.

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