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Sonrisa De V Beach Resort - Samal Island, Davao


                             Caliclic, IGACOS (Island GArden City Of Samal), Davao

WHAT MAKES IT STANDOUT?     Its Quiet And Beautiful Beach Resort

HOW TO GET THERE?           
(Plane)    Ride from Davao City International Airport to the Jetty takes 10 to 15 minutes.     

(Bus)       From DCOTT (D.C. Overland Transport Terminal), it would take you 30 minutes ride to the Jetty.
(Ship)     It's about 15 to 20 minutes ride from DC Port to Pearl Farm Jetty.

The Jetty's location is at Lizada St. Lanang Davao City, this is jetty is owned by Pearl Farm Beach Resort but is not exclussive. In fact various boats are anchored here bound to different resorts in Samal Island. The boat ride takes less than 10 minutes. Boat fee is Php10/head.

Another alternative route, specially if wanted to bring your car along, would be to take the barge  from Sasa. Davao to Babak, Samal; which is roughly 15 to 20 minutes away from Pearl farm Jetty. The barge's location is at Km. 11, Sasa Davao City, this is just a few meters away from Sasa Public Market. The barge ride would only take 5 minutes but you'll have to travel for another 5 to 10 minutes from Babak To Sonrisa De V. This is the long and winding way of getting there, so i suggest you take the jetty. Dont worry about your car, as the area is very secure and well guarded 24/7.

Beach Resort
Open/Closed Cottages

Operating Hours
Monday - Sunday    :  Open 24/7

Boat Fee             :  Php10 (per head, one way)
Entrance Fee
kids                    :  Php 60 (day tour) / Php 90 (overnight)
adults                 :  Php 70 (day tour) / Php 100 (overnight)       
Rental Fees
open cottage      :  Php 400 (day tour)
                            Php 500 (overnight)   
closed cottage    :  Php 1,500 (good for 4 persons)
                            Php 3,000 (good for 10 persons)
corkages            :  Lechon and beverages are charged with a corkage fee, other cook foods are free of charge!


Sonrisa De V (formerly named Palm Hill Beach Resort) is our family's favourite resort in Samal, not only because it's affordable but because it is not crowded. This is what separate's it from all other resorts in Samal, particularly its neighbours - Paradise Island & Blue Jazz Resort. Sonrisa De V is not fancy like the majority of resorts in Samal. It does not have a restaurant, only a simple bar selling basic beverages like soda, beer, a few spirits and cigarettes. Just the basic stuffs that a simple guest would ask. 

The beach is of course superb - equally the same with that of Blue Jazz, Paradise, Costa Marina, Chemas & etc.. theirs is even better because it's not congested with people. We fondly even call Sonrisa De V as "our exclussive resort", b'coz everytime we go there we're the only guests - solong-solo mo talaga ang beach! 

Contact Person    : Chubby Palma Hill
Telephone           :  (+63) (082) 303-0709
Cellphone            : 0932 861 1961 (updated 7/15/2014)
Email                  :  

Miss Lakwatsera’s Rate:   


Anonymous said...

nice post! im visiting davao next month.. gonna try to check out this place! tnx for this!

celeste said...

hello. thanks for this will send them an inquiry.

vanessa gay Pabayo said...


Anonymous said...

Son Risa De v is a good spot for summer.
i just don't like the the management.

last april 7, 2013.we arrived at 4 o:clock in the afternoon.on the said resort we rent a room costs 3000.

april 8,2013, 11 o:clock in the of the crew went to our room and said we will be going out by 12pm. eh paano kami aalis kung 4pm kami nag check in nong april 7,so di pa tapos oras na nag stay kami sa room eh dapat 4pm kami aalis ng april 8.Ang reason daw is na book naraw ang room a few days pa before kami dumating, so is that our problem? na di naman namin alam na nabook na pala? and besides why they would let us rent the room kung may nakabook na di kami umalis. To be mentioned, ang bayaw nang may ari ang nag babantay raw sa resort and he asked my sister na mag transfer daw kami sa open cottage kasi plano kasi namin na mag extend ng isang araw, ang sabi nya sorry kc may nakabook na. at ang bad thing is nag transfer kami sa open cottage na umuulan with our things na napakarami, so parang ginawa kaming baboy in which may pera naman kaming ibabayad for another day na mag stay kami sa room...nawala ang enjoy namin the rest of the day.nalaman namin kalaunan na ang nag pa reserved pala sa room namin is kamaganak ng bayaw ng may ari,..kawawa lang tlga ang mga staff ng resort sa pamamalakad ng bayaw ng may ari. ang sabi pa ng mga crew everytime daw na may mag out sa resort mostly naglalagay ng letter sa room with their complaints sa management ( except sa mga crew).

Nag reklamo kami kc di tama ang ginawa nla sa amin,.Sayang ang resort,.maganda panaman kaso di maganda pamamalakad,.lahat ng crew nag rereklamo sa bayaw ng may ari na kasalukuyang nasa resort sa sobrang strikto,.akala mo naman kung sino,. It will really GIVE a big impact sa resort.No matter your place will costs it all matters on how you treat your costumer. Sorry for posting pro masama lang tlaga loob namin sa resort.regular costumer kami at kaibigan na namin halos lahat ng crew pro di na kami babalik sa SONRISA DE V.

miss-lakwatsera said...

Hi :)

Sad to hear about ur experience =( well, let's hope the mgr/owner of sonrisa stumble upon this bog... at ma-correct yung mga flaws nila sa pamamalakad..
By the way, this is my own personal blog and I am NOT IN ANY WAY connected with the resort. :)

Comment lng dun sa check-in/check-out, if you don't mind? Ang alam ko kasi (based on my 10yrs working in hotels), 12noon is the Standard C-In/C-Out in the hospitality industry and late c-out is 2pm. If u c-in at 4pm then as per general rule u'l have to c-out at 12nn. There are cases when a guest is allowed a "late check-out" upto 2pm, but this is mgt's prerogative. However pag booked na yung room mo, den ur only options are to transfer or c-out. Ganun talaga ang rule.. business parin naman kasi yan, and mgrs/owners would always want to make sure na tuloy2x ang revenue nila..

That's why We need to plan and arrange our vacation very well. Assess our length of stay and most importantly consider the season/occasion of travel. Kagaya ngayon na summer, for sure punuan na lahat ng hotels/resorts... We need to become smart vacationers/tourists, otherwise we'll have to settle with "what's available".

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

hi po...
just like to know if you have new contact nos. for son Risa de v.. all contact nos. cannot be contacted.. will be going there this saturday...

Anonymous said...

need your reply po. asap.. thank you so muchhhhhh!! God Bless...

miss-lakwatsera said...

Hi mr/ms anonymous :)

my apologies :( but i dont have new contact numbers of Sonrisa.. its been a while since my last visit.. i've also tried searching online to help you look for contact numbers,, kaso their all the same like the ones i posted above... really sorry dear

Anonymous said...

thanks po...

Anonymous said...

Patawa naman yong isang anonymous. Siguro first time na vacation kasi akala ya 24 hours ang stay sa isang hotel o resort. Lahat naman ay usually 12-2pm ang checknout pag di mubpw na turn over ang key by 12 automatic na billed ka na for another night. Anyway any luck para sa tel. Number ng resort dito? Kamuzta ba ang weather sa samal ag september?

Summer Walsh said...

hello dear! thanks for dropping by... im sorry pero wala pa din akong updated contact numbers nang sonrisa :(.. as per Samal's weather, okay naman, fair weather naman ang island (as well as Davao City) all year long... (maliban nlng cguro pag may malaking typhoon... but on usual low pressure, hindi naman affected ang Samal).... anyways, we're planning to go back this summer sa resort, so maybe i can get new contact numbers ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Any luck para sa number nang sonrisa? Super thanks po

Summer Walsh said...

Guys! heres their new contact number +63 932 861 1961.. Updated last July 15, 2014... Sorry for the very late reply... I'm currently out of the country ;) also working on a new blog.. hope you guys can visit it too >>

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