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Canibad Island, one’s secret paradise

It has been my practice to check on some blogs for information whenever I feel like spending the weekend some place else. Blogs are very helpful you know ;)… That time I wanted my weekend to be different, I wanted it to be quite, relaxed and somewhat isolated.

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And then I saw these…

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Now, isn’t that lovely?

And so, off I go… Very early the next day, around 4:30 am, I was already up. I have prepared my stuffs the night before, so after dressing up and a few hairbrushes, I was on my way. The trip took about 1&1/2 to 2 hours from Davao City to Canibad. Yes, it’s quiet long and tiresome, but once you get there, it’s all worth it…

Here is the summary of our trip.

Trip Summary - Canibad Beach, Aundanao Peñaplata

* travel time :
15 minutes - Sasa, Davao to Babak, Samal
45 minutes - Babak to Canibad (on motorcycle ride)

* fare budget:
20.00 /head - motor-bangka (Davao-Babak) ONE WAY only.
100.00 /head - habal2x (motorcycle) ride from Babak to Canibad. ONE WAY only.

When you take the habal2x, make sure to have an agreement with the driver to fetch you at a specific time. The place is quiet remote and there won’t be transportation available, unless you have your own car. Be cautious!, get the driver’s mobile # & plate #, just in case, and most of all be friendly. Some driver’s bill you extra charge for the fetch, on our case, we paid him 200.00 (100/head) upon arrival and we added an additional 100.00 as tip ;-D.

250.00/car - if you bring your own car/transpo(ONE WAY) (depending on how big is your vehicle)

* other fees 10.00 /head - entrance fee to the beach 100.00 - 350.00 - cottage rates

* must bring:

1) CAMERA - the place is awesome, you'll have plenty of sights to take pictures and pose with. believe me, you will sure;y ran out of poses, hehehe.
2) Hamok - i brought one for myself... The place is quiet, you could not hear somebody screaming their lungs out in the karaoke, or anything annoying. Just the whispers of birds & trees and the sound of the waves gently kissing the shore.:D
3) Books - if you love books, the place would be perfect for reading!

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Anonymous said...

a place thats truly amazing when u want to unwind and imagine the cleanliness of sea water.

Mitzikai said...

u'r absolutely right dude! thanks for droppin' by!;)

Anonymous said...


mitzi said...

:-D loveeeet!! hehehhe ty!

Potpot said...

talicud island na ba yan o Samal? ganyan din kasi kaganda sa Talicud Island:)

miss-lakwatsera said...

@Potpot: Samal Island pa din... both islands (Talicud & Samal) are really lovely :)

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